Why Modern Office Designs Need Break Out Areas

Break out area design is the latest and greatest thing in modern workplace design. If your workplace hopes to be fully efficient in today’s competitive environment, there are many reasons why a break out area is essential. We talk about it more in this article.

What is a break out area?

A break out area is simply a space in an office that is away from desks, where staff can go to break out of their daily routine. Sitting at a desk in one place all day can be a strain on both the body and mind. A break out area provides a place where people can go to work at a change of pace, to chat with friends, to have a casual meeting, or just to relax.


This may sound like a less important factor in your space planning, but it can be hugely beneficial towards your staff in the long run, ultimately boosting overall productivity.


How break out area design increases productivity

Although on the surface a break out area may seem like an unproductive space, when implemented and used well, they can actually be hugely beneficial to the productivity of each and every work day. Staying productive all day, every day can be an almost unachievable task, but in an office environment where time equals money, anyone can understand why it’s important to increase productivity levels as much as possible.


Allowing staff to have a space where they can go to breathe and be away from their desk for 10 minutes, can help them get refreshed and refuelled in order to be productive for the rest of the day. The average person needs a 15-minute break for each hour of work in order to be truly productive for the rest of that hour, and when workers aren’t allowed that time to break away from their workday, productivity can easily reduce to just two or three hours within an 8-hour day.

How this space can enhance collaboration

Collaboration has been proven to be an incredibly successful method of creating valuable, innovative output. Getting people with different skillsets and talents to collaborate can showcase the very best work that your office is capable of producing. Most office workspaces are not set up for collaboration, however. This means finding the time and the place to openly converse with your workmates about a project can be difficult.


A break out area creates a more casual, collaborative environment that doesn’t have to be distracting to your other co-workers. With this kind of space available, staff can feel comfortable to chat freely and openly about issues they may be struggling with, and gain outside perspectives that can prove to be incredibly beneficial.

Modern workplace design to promote creativity

Creativity is ultimately what every company is searching for. It drives innovation and allows a business to grow, whether it’s in a creative field or not. It’s common knowledge that people cannot be creative under extreme pressures or stress. A workspace that has a more relaxed, casual space can be excellent for the creative brain to flourish. Switching up your workspace is essential to allow the brain to think more freely and creatively – staring at a screen all day can suck all the creativity out of people.

Implement Break Out Areas with the help of DB Interiors

At DB interiors, we offer complete modern workplace design solutions. If you’re looking to implement a new floor plan that enhances your productivity and company culture, talk to us today to see what we can do for you.

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