What to Expect from Your Commercial Interior Designer

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You may know that you need an interior designer for your upcoming office relocation or renovation, but do you know what you should expect from them? The truth is, your interior design company is probably capable of more than you think, and plan on participating in more facets of your project than you’re expecting from them. If you’re paying for their services, why not take advantage of every bit of their expertise?

Interior designers do more than just design. They begin with the seed of your vision and see it through it to a finished project. That involves a lot more than just mood boards and AutoCAD renderings. Before you begin your office design journey, find out what to expect from your commercial interior designer. DB Interiors has a full turnkey project delivery arm.

1. Consultation

Commercial interior designers don’t start from scratch. They work to transform your vision and needs into a perfectly tailored design. That means that, before they can begin, interior designers need to meet with you to learn about your business, your space, your preferences, and your budget. This consultation usually involves a site visit to take measurements and learn more about your vision for the project. Once your designer feels like they know what you’re looking for, they can get to work on the design.

2. Detailed design and proposal

Designers would always like more time to tweak and tinker, but professional design companies will work to produce the best possible design as quickly as possible so that you can move forward with your project. You should expect your commercial interior designer to be ready to get to work right away on your designs. If they can’t get started on your designs for several weeks (or even months), then perhaps they aren’t that serious about competing for your business. Once they’ve drawn up spatial planning schematics and developed a 3D rendering of the interior, they will assemble a proposal for you to approve.

3. Planning and permissions

With the design proposal approved, many people might think that the role of the designer is finished. It’s not. Commercial interior designers should oversee the implementation of their design. Many established design companies have licensed building practitioners working alongside them, with whom they have an excellent rapport. Your designer should help plan the project and obtain the necessary permissions, including building consent from your local council.

4. Project management

Commercial design companies will offer guidance and clear communication to the practitioners building your office. Because nobody will have a more thorough understanding of your design and the creative decisions behind every design element, your designer should be on hand to help the builders understand the project, explain creative decisions, and interpret the plans. Think of it like a screenwriter directing the film of his own script!

5. Completion

Even after your project is complete and your amazing new office design is ready for you to use, the job of your commercial interior designer moves to a close—but not quite yet! Your designer should assist with a final walk-through of the design, putting together a list of damaged or missing items and consulting with you one more time to offer guidance and insight regarding proper care and maintenance of the new space before signing off.

The right design company for every phase of the project

At DB Interiors, we have extensive experience delivering on every phase of the design process. From our thorough and accommodating consultations to comprehensive project management, we make sure that nothing is overlooked when realising your unique design vision. Leaders in commercial interior design Auckland wide, we can assure you the highest quality results. Contact DB Interiors today to get started on your commercial design journey.

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