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If you’re thinking about a major office interior refurbishment, you’ll need to provide information about your office to your prospective interior design company. The more information you can provide, the better. The foundation for a successful office refurbishment project is laid before you are even given a Proposal. Be weary of fit-out company that don’t have a formal question and answer process.

Every office refurbishment begins with a request for proposal, a document that provides your interior design company with the information they need to understand your office and the vision you have for your refurbishment. But what is included in an RFP? What role does it ultimately play in the design process? Continue reading to learn more.

What is an RFP?

A Request for Proposal, or RFP, provides a rubric for designers to assess the details of the project you’re hiring them for. With the information provided by an RFP, an interior design company can then draft a proposal for the project. The information provided in the request for proposal will be used to justify the decisions made in the proposal, which means that the information you provide will help you and your interior design company get on the same page early, and stay there. Information about your office will be key to drafting a budget which accurately and thoroughly accounts for all the potential expenses you’ll encounter during your refurbishment. If you need assistance writing your RFP Please contact sales@dbinteriors.co.nz

In the proposal, your design company will provide their track record and health & safety record, as well as ongoing updates on the project, and proof of 7-day subcontractor payments when necessary.

What you need to include in your RFP

Your RFP should include crucial information about your business and your vision for the refurbishment design. Be sure to include the following information about your office and your business:

  • The name of your company, address, telephone, email, and website, as well as the person who will be acting as the point of contact for the refurbishment project moving forward.
  • The location of the project (The whole office? Specific floors or rooms?)
  • The dimensions of the space you are refurbishing in square meters.
  • The number of employees currently working in your office.

You’ll also need to provide some preliminary information about your project. This information will inform how the design company schedules and budgets for the refurbishment.

  • Your budget for fees. It can be helpful to indicate how much of your budget you wish to spend on the actual refurbishment, and how much you wish to spend on consultation fees.
  • The preferred start and completion dates for the project.
  • What you hope to achieve with the refurbishment project.
  • Any personal or ethical preferences, such as sustainable materials, environmentally friendly construction practices, etc.
  • Proof 25% of supplies are paid in 7 days
  • Any other particular requirements for your project that your design company needs to know about.
  • Minimum 15 yrs Design & Fitout experience from any biddles

Submit your RFP to the right design company

The Request for Proposal is your initial statement of intent and outlines your vision and expectations for your project. Ultimately, however, the RFP is only the first step in a process. You’ll still need to work with an interior design company that can deliver on your vision. DB Interiors are Auckland’s most trusted company for office fit outs and refurbishments. Contact DB Interiors today turn a great RFP into a great office refurbishment.

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