Three Ways Your Business Will Reflect Your Office Fit Out

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Ask yourself, does your business prioritise results, or process? Do you want staff that are serious and focused, or vibrant and energetic? You may have clear answers to these questions in your head. You may even communicate them regularly to your employees. However, if desired a business identity runs counter to your office design, you’ll find you are constantly swimming against the current.

The design of your commercial office fit out will affect your business’ identity in ways both big and small. Continue reading to learn more about how the design decisions you make at fit out time will impact the future of your business.

Employee wellness

Your office workers will spend about a third of their professional lives in the office, so it’s vitally important that you design and build a space where they can feel comfortable and healthy. An office design with ample access to natural light, for example, will result in workers with better energy, sleep patterns, stress levels, and immune systems. These qualities remain the wellness objectives of other areas of office design as well, from acoustics to ergonomic comfort. An office design that takes these things seriously will be home to a business full of healthy and energetic workers.


Healthy staff lead to less absenteeism, which improves the overall continuity and workflow of your business. In this regard, good office design can yield a business that runs more smoothly and efficiently. However, good office design can impact productivity in more ways than one. Spatial planning will also significantly affect the relationships between individual workers, teams, and departments. An office design that allows for multiple collaborative spaces, for example, will be home to a connected business, in which each team and team member is more likely to know what others are up to. Designing a space with exclusive corner offices, meanwhile, will lead to a reinforced sense of hierarchy, cultivating an ambition for status and a clear progression of authority.


The relationship between office workers is the cornerstone of workplace culture, and office design can impact this in other ways as well. For example, how agile is your office space? An agile office design, in which spaces can be adjusted to serve multiple functions, could yield a creative business capable and willing to think outside the box.

Colours have a proven effect on people’s psychology and may affect your workers’ moods. Secondary colours, from staunch blacks and whites to brown woods, to grey metals and concretes, could inspire an atmosphere of sleek professionalism and seriousness. Bright, neon colours, meanwhile, might inspire energy and enthusiasm, while muted pastels can inspire a sense of calm and patience.

Make the right decisions for your office fit out

Clearly, your business is reflecting your office design, even before your office fit out project management has begun. Decisions made at the design phase of your project will ripple through time, which is why it’s so important that you work with the right commercial interior design company. DB Interiors work hard to understand your business and develop spatial plans and design solutions that will create the environment you need. Contact DB Interiors today to see how our experienced commercial design team can lay the foundation for your business identity.

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