Things to consider when choosing your next office space

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When it comes to new office space planning, ensuring a vibrant and healthy workspace is one of your key goals. Understanding your larger objectives without sacrificing attention to detail can prove difficult, and is one of the reasons the team at DB Interiors excel in creating innovate, stylish, and functional workplaces.

Below, we’ve covered off a couple of crucial things to consider when deciding on your next office space and how to proactively plan for success.

Design and spatial planning for your office relocation

With over 50 years of experience, the team at DB Interiors have worked across projects of all sizes. Whether you’re part of a major company moving to a new, multi-level office, or a small business wanting to make the most of your available space, we can work together to create a design that meets your needs without sacrificing functionality or style.

Our planning team take into account the demands of your business, and how you operate in the day to day. We know each business is unique, and we treat every project as such, considering how your staff collaborate together and what you’ll need to take care of your customers. You might want to start by measuring the available space, visualising how workspaces, desks, meeting rooms, and collaboration areas will flow together. Teams often do their best work when they aren’t restricted in space or confined to a cubicle unnecessarily, while also staying aware that there are limitations to what you can do within your space itself.

Other key areas to consider can include colour schemes that increase productivity and reflect your overall branding, lighting and fixtures that enhance your space for both staff and customers, and practical concerns such as safety compliance and floor plan design.

Does your new office need a hard fit-out or a soft fit-out?

Through our experience in office relocation project scoping, our team realised – to truly meet the needs of our own clients – offering both hard fit-outs and soft fit-outs could save a lot of time and stress. Our hard fit-out services combine both architectural knowledge and construction to streamline the process involved, while our soft fit-out team are experts in create aesthetically pleasing workspaces.

Whether you need either or both, our team can take care of all electrical work, fire systems, HVAC systems, and landscaping, then recommend suitable furniture that reflects your company’s brand and image. We can offer advice on everything from workstations and office chairs, to breakout rooms, reception furniture, cushions, artwork and cabinets.

DB Interiors – experts in creating and delivering healthy workspaces

If you need help carrying out your office relocation plan, or even if you know you need a new office but don’t know where to begin, contact DB Interiors today. Our team can guide you through every step of the process, from design and construction, to fit-outs and ongoing project management – so you keep running your business without any increased stress. To learn more about our services, book a discovery call on 0800 999 000.

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