The Surprising Benefits of Standing Desks

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When it comes to office workstation design, it pays to be up-to-date with modern, ergonomic technology. The concept of standing desks has been around for a while, but current designs are always improving, and they’ve never been more useful than today. Standing desks are proven to help your staff stay observant, perceptive and industrious. In today’s blog, we take a look at how they work, and what surprising benefits they carry.

 Burns Calories

It might not seem like a particularly intensive exercise, but switching between standing up and sitting down several times a day adds up fast. If your workstation is fitted with an adjustable desk, the process of swapping is more effective at keeping you healthy than some might realise.

Based on some broad averages, we can estimate that an employee with a weight of around 80 kg burns 900-1000 calories during a low-exercise, seven to eight-hour day. But, using a sit-stand desk, the same employee burns between 1100-1300 calories. While these figures aren’t scientifically rigorous, they are enough to see that the jump in calories burned is significant, relative to the effort required.

Life Expectancy

Many people also don’t know the health risks posed by extended periods of sitting down. Studies over the past few years have shown that sedentary workers have a shorter life expectancy than those in active jobs.

Sitting for hours at a time causes your body to store fat in your organs, and you lose muscle tone over time as well. This ends up becoming a cycle – causing you to get tired faster when not sitting. For staff members who don’t have the time or means to seek any physical activity outside the workplace, the health risks over time are potentially dangerous.

Ergonomic Design

Part of the reason why chairs are so difficult to design is that sitting on them isn’t a natural position for our bodies to be in. Humans as a species are much more used to sitting on the ground, and this is why over-using chairs can lead to muscle cramps, headaches, and sciatica. Standing all day can become uncomfortable too, which is why modern agile office designs employ height-adjustable desks.

Ergonomically designed desks improve productivity by boosting comfort – staff members perform faster and more efficiently when you are able to address their anxieties with your office fitout. Standing desks are a great option to have – not all of your staff will need them, but offering them to those who do will go a long way for office morale.

General Health

Sitting for long periods of time at work isn’t great for your health, but it becomes more vital to address when examined in the context of everything else in the modern era that can be harmful to our health. The 21st century life is fast-paced, and many struggle to exercise or cook their own food.

A standing desk can help mitigate the long-term effects of this life-style, as health can degrade quite quickly when there are multiple factors working against it.

 Looking for the Agile Solution?

Looking for the help of an experienced interior designer? If you think that standing desks might be right for your office, talk to the experts at DB Interiors. Whether you need to refurbish or relocate an existing office, or you plan to set up a brand new one, contact us now to book your free discovery call!

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