The Importance of Office Scoping for Managing Costs and Deadlines

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Large projects such as office moves and redesigns can be very difficult to manage. Ensuring project costs are within budget and deliverables meet established deadlines is crucial. When it comes to new office space planning, project scoping plays an important role in the overall success of your project.

A project scope is the initial planning aspect of a project. It involves laying out the entire project from beginning to end. Set your project goals, deliverables, tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, workflows, and factor in things such as cost and budget.

Importance of project scoping

A project scope is done at the start of a project because it helps to define the work which will need to be completed. A clearly defined brief allows a turnkey, start to completion proposal displaying great design and budget refinement. When you have a defined project scope you can also communicate with stakeholders of the project and set expectations from the outset. If project delays occur, you will be able to quickly estimate the new final date and manage any additional costs.

Project scoping helps internal and external people

A project scope for your office fit out plays an important role in keeping everyone on the same page. By defining goals and objectives early on, you can avoid design revisions and a seamless project delivery. Some of the most common issues with projects include changing requirements from stakeholders, budget issues, failure to meet deadlines, and expectations not being met. A clear project scope helps to reduce the chances of these issues occurring.

Good management reduces scope creep

Scope creep occurs when additional requests are made which fall outside of the initial project scope. This is where it is important to establish a clear scope early on so stakeholders understand what they are getting. There’s nothing worse than having a client’s expectations not meet the final project outcome. Many projects suffer from scope creep as a result of poor project management and a lack of clear objectives.


What we do at DB Interiors is ensure clients expectations and goals of the project are outlined early. We design, consult with you, and then we build. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects within set timelines, budgets as well as meeting your expectations.  Whether you are looking at an office fit out or need assistance with office relocation project scoping, we have you covered. Talk to our team of experts today to discuss your needs. We offer a free initial consultation so request a discovery call and one of our team members will be in contact.


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