Design And Spatial Planning

Design and Spatial Planning

DB Interiors has been designing and planning commercial fit-outs for over 50 years, working with major companies across New Zealand.

From the smallest office to a multi-floor operation, we focus on both usability and style, creating spaces which are practical, functional and stylish.

When planning your next office space, we will take into account the demands of your business. The resulting designs will maximize the efficiency of your space and make it easy for your team to move around and collaborate.

Comprehensive office design

The design and planning process is essential to ensure you make the most of your office space. Designs from DB Interiors cover:

Floor plans — Let us suggest ways to optimize the space you have

Desk layouts — Our designs encourage collaboration and help teams work together

Colour — To create an appealing space and reflect your brand

Furniture — To maximize comfort and enhance productivity

Fixtures — Practical choices can save money while still looking stylish

Lighting — To ensure optimal productivity from your team

Compliance — Your building must meet the standard of current guidelines for safety and accessibility

Modern workspaces for increased productivity

Today’s offices need a combination of spaces and a contemporary approach to provide the environment staff are looking for.

Working closely with your team, we’ll design and plan spaces including

Individual offices – For executive level team members who require privacy

Open plan workspaces – To encourage collaboration and team work

Breakout areas – Allowing employees to take time out during their work day

Private meeting rooms – For sound-proof discussions and client meetings

Flexible spaces – Areas which can be quickly converted to suit requirements

The planning process is of utmost importance in order to ensure the best use of your space, your time and your budget. Contact the experts in office fit-out design and spatial planning today for more information.