Five Rooms & Spaces Your Office Doesn’t Have but Should

Open plan workspaces, reception rooms, break rooms, meeting rooms… Office design has long relied on a standard set of rooms and spaces. Today, however, interior designers are thinking outside the box. Modern office design often features more creative uses of office space to meet various demands and inspire the workforce.

This change in thinking, away from rigidly defined rooms toward more flexible spaces, has made way for exciting new spaces. The office environment has changed dramatically over the past ten years. If you’re seeking ideas for your next office renovation, consider these five spaces your office doesn’t have but should.

1. Quiet rooms

With open plan offices increasingly common throughout New Zealand, collaboration and communication often come at the expense of quiet zones. Many offices struggle to manage acoustics in an open office. While sound barriers and suppressants can make a difference, they can’t eliminate the sounds of the office entirely.

Today, modern offices are countering this trend with designated quiet spaces. These spaces often take the form of acoustic pods, soundproofed rooms where office workers can find their zen. Acoustic pods come in several designs and sizes.

They can be purchased as pre-fab units and assembled on site or built into your space by an office fit out company. Just select your design and install a few within your office to offer your staff a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle.

2. Breakout spaces

Many modern offices prioritize what’s known as agile design. Agile design results in flexible spaces that can be quickly adapted to serve many purposes. The heart of agile office design is certainly the breakout area. Breakout areas are separate from workers’ typical workstations and can be used to work in small and informal groups or just relax.

These spaces often feature interchangeable seating options like sectionals or ottoman stools, aiming for flexibility and comfort over conventional productivity.

When workers have work to do that can be done away from their computer screens, a breakout area is a great space to relax without putting down their work entirely.

3. Recharge rooms

Today’s corporate world is as fast-paced and high-stakes as ever before. Sometimes, your staff may find it’s just a bit too much. That’s why recharge rooms are gaining momentum among modern offices. Recharge rooms are themed to calm the nerves.

The relaxing environment of a recharge room can be used for a few minutes of quiet meditation, some yoga, or even something as creative as a zen garden. Other therapeutic touches like a fountain or an office aquarium can find a worthy home in this space.

4. Studies

A study is a combination of several recent trends in office spaces, from newsrooms to libraries to lofts. A study is a reading space where books and magazines can be kept for when workers need to take their mind off their work. Such texts can even be combined with company literature like archived records, guides, tutorials, and the published works of past and present employees.

A study doesn’t have to act as a break room. It can be used for work-based study and research as well.

5. Phone booths

Phone booths may be back in vogue thanks to modern office design. Like many other modern office spaces, the phone booth is a response to the open plan office design and allows for people to step into a quiet space when they need to take a phone call. These spaces a great for a quick call but can also double as acoustic pods for a few minutes of quiet or privacy.

Make yours the office of the future

Not every office space is the right fit for every office, but don’t assume that your office wouldn’t benefit from some new and creative spatial planning. If you’re seeking an office fit out company that knows how to modernize any office, look no further than DB Interiors. Leaders in modern office design elements such as acoustic pods and breakout areas, DB Interiors are working to make New Zealand the envy of the corporate world.

Contact us today to see how your office can be ushered into tomorrow.

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