Our Project Management Services for Office Relocations

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An office relocation project takes a team of skilled contractors and designers, coordinated by an expert project manager. The process can seem daunting, and if you’re new to the process you may feel a bit powerless. Fortunately, DB Interiors boasts the best services for office fit out project management in New Zealand. If you’re in the market for the right team to handle your office relocation project, continue reading to learn more about our industry-leading services.

Planning & timelines

Perhaps the most important element of your relocation project will occur before you’ve packed a single box or moved a single ergonomic desk. The success of your office relocation will be heavily determined by your ability to plan and schedule the move. At no point in this process will extensive experience with past office relocation projects be more valuable than in the planning and scheduling phase. DB Interiors can help produce itemised lists of the tasks that must be completed. We know what elements of the move need to come first, what elements need to go last, and how long you should expect every task to take.

Budget & expense tracking

If you only check your budget before and after your relocation, you won’t get anything out of it. The project management budget for your relocation must be frequently consulted, updated, and assessed to determine whether the project is keeping pace. Our project managers work alongside your shareholders to comprehensively ensure budget items are correctly prioritised and the right KPIs have been identified. It’s always good to set aside some of the budget for additional works. However, with the right project management team in your corner, those will be accounted for.

Recruiting & managing contractors

Let’s face it: office relocations are not a one-man job. A project manager’s biggest talent is managing a team of professionals, keeping teams of expert contractors in varying disciplines all on the same page and working toward a common goal. Crossed wires between contractors are common among inexperienced or inefficient project managers. These can result in delays in your move or, worse, disruptions to your business operations.

Council & legislative requirements

Knowing how to get permission for what you want to do is pivotal in the development and planning stages of your office relocation. You need an interior design company that maintains good relationships with local councils and possesses an expert understanding of building regulations. Rejections when you’re seeking consent can send you back to the drawing board, upending your plans and delaying your relocation.

Progress reports & stakeholder updates

When your office relocation project gets underway, you’ll be turning over the reins. With the wrong project manager, you may feel out of the loop during this process, but DB Interiors provide weekly updates on the relocation and fit out so that you can stay abreast of all progress made and ensure that it aligns with your vision.

Don’t go at it alone!

Your office relocation is a milestone for your business. Don’t place your trust in an office fit out company that can’t deliver on time and within budget. Count on DB Interiors to manage your move with project management services that will keep everything running smoothly, even as it’s held to the highest standard. Don’t go it alone. Contact DB Interiors today to get started!

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