How to Achieve a Practical, Functional, Stylish Workspace Design

You’re a business owner, ready to design the perfect office space for your company, and you want to know how to tackle a commercial office fit out. The process is not altogether straightforward, but with the right help, you can achieve a space that is practical while still remaining stylish, and do it with as little stress as possible.

Here are three tips from the professionals at DB Interiors to get you started on your journey toward an exquisite office design concept.

Consider the Needs of Your Company 

Your initial consideration should always be what your company culture and vision would ideally be. If you take the template of an excellent office space from a business that doesn’t operate in a similar way to yours, then the result will be an ill-fitting office design that doesn’t cater to the needs of yourself or your employees.

That’s why you should take the time, before you do anything else, to ask yourself what you want the end result to be – not in terms of design, but in terms of how the functionality and efficiency of your company increases. Here are a few questions to start you off:

  • Do my employees need to be able to communicate and collaborate easily, or do they need a solitary and focused work environment? This will hold a lot of sways when it comes to fitting out your office layout, as the kind of work your employees do will impact the kind of environment that they need to work in. For example, a software engineering company often has a lot of cross-collaboration between teams, and so would benefit from an open-plan office. In contrast, an accountancy firm may want to promote peace and quiet for employees by implementing separated spaces. 
  • Is the industry I work in going to impact my design choices? If so, how? Consider the aspects of your industry that differ from others. Do you communicate a lot with clients, and thus need to bring them to the office often? You would need board rooms equipped for presentations if this were the case. Or perhaps your business relies heavily on visual inspiration and creation, in which case you would want a more colorful space with areas designated for quiet work and collaboration.
  • What design aspects of our current space work for us? If you have an existing office space, what aspects of its design have so far shown promise? These are tried-and-tested techniques for your specific work culture, and they are very valuable. Implement these choices in your new space to bring some familiarity into the new design, and have guaranteed mechanisms already in place on re-opening day.

Space-Saving Organisation

One of the best ways to create a workspace that appears modern while still being functional is to hide your storage spaces, and to make sure that they are plentiful. Building discreet storage into your space means that you are able to keep the office clean and stylish while still having an efficient system to store everything you need. Here are a few suggestions for concealed or streamlined storage:

  • Recessed bookshelves
  • Drawers pushed beneath work desks
  • Push-release cupboards set flush into the walls
  • Walls that double as shelving systems
  • Seats or ottomans that double as storage boxes

Nature and Natural Light

Including a wealth of natural light and natural elements in your office makes space seem bigger and brighter for no cost at all. Utilize the existing light the sun provides with large windows that catch the sunlight, and skylights work brilliantly to funnel natural light into space where the windows cannot follow. Add some mirrors to reflect the light into other spaces as well.

Plants (either real or fake) are an excellent and inexpensive way of introducing a cheerful element to your office, and they have been proven to increase productivity. Plants also draw the eye in a minimalistic space, and when strategically spaced (such as near windows or doors) they make the space look larger and more natural.

Work with the commercial fit out specialists

At DB Interiors we pride ourselves on being the best in office design in Wellington, as well as around New Zealand and Australia. Work with us to create a space your people will love, delivered with quality every single time.

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