Commercial Office Fit-out New Zealand


  • Spatial analysis
  • Concept and working drawings
  • Interior construction
  • Furniture design, specification, and manufacturing
  • Fit-out and project management
  • Workplace strategy and strategic direction

DB Interiors were engaged to complete a careful spatial analysis of Veolia’s old premises and prepare a layout based on our findings. After having consulted the leadership team we were contracted to conduct consulting on workplace strategy and strategic direction of the office design layout and culture.

The project had a strong environmental focus to reflect Veolia’s values and company vision. DB Interiors completed this job from concept to completion including interior construction including all fit-out and project management.

A key area was the breakout area providing a space that was different and abstract from the general office feel that we created. Through mood lighting and polished concrete floors we were about to accomplish this.

The end result was fantastic and is a testament to the hard work in the planning/consultation stages.

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