Ocean Network Express

Ocean Network Express

  • Space Analysis
  • Concept and Working Drawings
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Design, Specification and Manufacture
  • Fit-out and Project Management

Partnering with Shipping Container Liner, ‘Ocean Network Express’ or ‘ONE’ that adopts the philosophy of togetherness (ONE) with their clients to face everyday challenges, DB offered a launch pad for the company to grow, collaborate, and reflect their ideologies. Known for their vibrant shipping containers, it was a given that it needed to be displayed somewhere within the office space to further symbolize their branding – visually. Hence, a container wall was constructed in the entrance area to immediately communicate the brand upon the arrival of their visitors and clients.

The vibrancy of the colour palette in this redesigned office brings the brand right indoors. Complementing the perfect fusion of soothing whites with subtle greys adds on to the notable branding of the company. Meanwhile, the boardroom has one of the major highlights in the entire office. Mainly, a recycled timber feature wall is added to bring warmth to it followed by a characteristic moss wall that brings a natural vibe into the office while acting as an effective sound insulator that fosters privacy and enables private meetings with the least distractions.

A statement piece of pendant lighting called the ‘Navicula Light’ designed by a famous New Zealand designer, David Trubridge helps to make a statement and create an effective space. These design details are very well cherished throughout the space. Biophilia can be seen as one of the topmost priorities with ample natural light brightening the interiors that helps to provide correct lux levels for a working office. These elements in return energize the employees and motivate them to work effectively.

This engaging office space now motivates and inspires those who use it. Wellness, Circulation, and Privacy have been equally prioritized throughout. The employees take immense pride in owning and working in such a cohesive and productive environment.

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