Landmark Homes

Landmark Homes

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Furniture Fit out
  • Painting

Landmark Homes, one of the premium new home building companies based in New Zealand is all set to bring vision and ideas to life by offering a seamless and stress-free building
process to their clients across the country. DB in collaboration with these business owners came up with a design brief that matches up to the company’s reputation in the market and fosters and accommodates their future growth. From the initial consultation and design process until the completion, DB project managed end to end to create a comfortable and inspiring space for the company’s employees.

The overall colour palette revolves around the neutrals and soft hardwoods that make a subtle accent in the office space. Natural light plays a major role in creating a lively and enhancing environment for the employees to feel positive and motivated throughout the day. Characterized by crisp and clean lines along with touches of planters and greenery, the detailed interior elements make a perfect natural highlight in the office. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls and partitions are designed to achieve the best of both worlds – privacy, transparency, and aesthetics.

Polished concrete, stark white paint, neutral contrasting hues, and soft timber treatments create a neutralizing, serene and light-headed aura that attracts the employees and clients. Staggered tufted seating areas and dedicated private conference rooms give the employees ample options to sit together and discuss their potential upcoming projects. This easy movement and circulation in the office further create a flexible environment.

We hereby take immense pride in delivering a space that inspires its employees and motivates them to work harder. This similar strategy helped the Landmark group as well in
displaying their unique 3D printed homes for each of their clients even before the commencement of their build and coming out as a powerful leader in the industry as well as
the country.

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