Office Design Must Inspire More Than Just Productivity

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Productivity. Every business measures their success by it. After all, productivity is what we have to show for all that we’ve put into our business. For that reason, we all want an office design that ensures maximum productivity from our employees. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple.

Productivity is the culmination of several underlying factors, none of which can be taken for granted. Some of those factors involve overarching business strategy, such as your hiring practices and the quality of your product. However, particularly on the coal face, some productivity factors can be addressed through clever, innovative office design.

So, if you’re planning a new office fit out or relocation, keep in mind the following priorities to inspire greater productivity.

1. Wellness

Once we begin designing our workspace for wellness, we quickly realise we are also working to boost productivity. After all, productivity is a result, not a cause, and wellness is one of the first steps towards achieving it. Employees that enjoy lasting mental health, positivity, and stability, are the cornerstone of a productive working environment.

Great office designs recognise this and work towards improving employee wellness, including maximising the effect of natural light, minimising ambient noise, and encouraging interpersonal relationships through smart spatial planning.

2. Creativity

Office employees work in dynamic environments, developing solutions to meet fluid problems and satisfy evolving demands. Great office design cultivates an environment where creativity can flourish. An office should exhibit the level of imagination and inspiration it hopes to foster amongst its staff.

To do this, include break rooms and private work areas where people can focus and clear their heads. Provide blank spaces to act as canvases for your workers: whiteboards, grid tables, anything your business needs to help staff visualise the creative seeds sprouting in their minds.

3. Comfort

Ergonomics is one of the biggest buzzwords in the world of commercial interior design, and for good reason. We’re learning more and more every year about how the human body responds to office life, and every worker distracted by discomfort is not devoting 100% of their energy to the task before them.

Height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs can go a long way. Be sure to include standing workstations so that workers can spend meaningful time on their feet without sacrificing work time.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration is the greatest benefit afforded to your office workers that they can’t enjoy when working remotely. Fortunately, such teamwork can be greatly encouraged by smart, collaborative seating design. Your office design should strike a balance between peaceful quiet and dynamic, collaborative energy.

Consider denser work areas for teams that would benefit from greater collaboration and be sure to include multi-purpose collaborative spaces where small groups can meet to brainstorm. These areas should include seating that is comfortable but light (it will be shuffled around a lot), as well as screens and whiteboards to balance digital and analogue surfaces.

5. Belief

What greater indicator is there of a business’ productivity than company morale? Ask yourself how your workplace design can inspire alignment among your workers. Certainly, design is no substitute for leadership, but an office interior that makes employees feel appreciated and empowered will go a long way toward their buying into your company vision.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be achieved by covering the walls in branding and inspirational quotes. It can also be managed simply by achieving each of the previous design objectives.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to put into your office what you hope to get out of it.

Design for the productivity you want

However your business is performing, great businesspeople always set their sights a little higher. Could your office design be holding back productivity? The experienced design team at DB Interiors understands these factors intimately, developing designs that emphasise all the best elements of your business to maximise productivity and foster success. Contact DB Interiors today to learn more.

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