Office Design and Fit-Out Considerations

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When designing your office space, many factors need to be taken into consideration. The nature, vision and mission of your business will determine the design of your office space. By adding a few innovative ideas, you can increase your overall productivity immensely.

Break-out Areas

Providing comfortable places for your employees to unwind and interact with each other is a must in every workplace.

Sufficient seating options, tables and appropriate lighting need to be tailored to each business we work with. For some ideas check out our blog about break out area ideas

Future proof Design

When designing your space, always consider your future business plans. Our team of experienced designers can help with redesigning your current space to maximise the usage of floor space. On the move? We are also available to help with design recommendations for potential premises you are looking at. It’s crucial to review this, even before committing to a new lease to avoid wasting money on a space that doesn’t suit your needs.

Give your business and employees space to grow!

Adaptable Environment

More and more businesses are moving away from traditional working styles to activity-based workspaces. Providing your employees with a flexible work environment that encourages collaboration, will positively affect your work culture.

Sit/stand desks, chat booths and private meeting areas break up the open plan office environment and boost confidence.

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