Modern Design Ideas for Enhanced Workplace Wellness

Health and wellness should be a priority in any workplace, and knowing how your design decisions can influence your employees is crucial when planning your office space strategy. Design decisions you make will have a profound impact on the wellbeing of those who work in your office.

Bad design can cause stress and anxiety, damaging focus and morale. Fortunately, smart office design can quickly reverse these issues in any office. Continue reading to learn some savvy design decisions to positively influence the health and wellness of your workplace.

How important is workplace wellness?

Most of your office employees spend at least 8 hours of the day inside your office. With open plan offices now the norm throughout New Zealand, agile office designs that can be adapted to suit a variety of needs are now possible. The overwhelming majority of workers would prefer that their employers further prioritise health and wellness in the workplace. Younger companies tend to be more flexible to these needs, and this is significant, because most workers admit they are more likely to remain at a company that values their wellness.

Office design is one of the cornerstones of building a positive and durable culture in your workplace. Wellness-oriented workplaces enjoy higher productivity and employee retention, leading to greater business success. Therefore, smart investments in office design tend to pay off over time.

Modern design ideas for enhanced workplace wellness

  • Spatial planning that encourages walking – Make use of your office space in creative ways to get your workers on your feet. Having every necessary resource within arm’s reach is certainly convenient for your employees, but your staff may end up planted in their seats and inactive for the entire day.
  • Provide active furniture – Active furniture like fitness orbs, ball seats, and wobble stools can activate core muscles while employees work, integrating physical activity and productivity to encourage wellness without costing your workers valuable time.
  • Eliminate barriers to physical activity – Are your active spaces out of the way? Are your workers too busy to step away for a few minutes of activity or exercise? Does utilising health and wellness elements require moving or assembling a lot of furniture? Don’t make your wellness options inconvenient.
  • Invest in office plants – Office plants are great for the air quality in your office and are proven to provide a sense of calm amongst your employees.
  • Designated spaces to collaborate and relax – Getting your workers away from their desks occasionally is important. Agile office design that features collaborative spaces and areas where they can relax is key.
  • Design ergonomic workstations – Workstations that make comfort and focus more easily attainable are great for reducing stress.
  • Ensure that active design features are inviting – Many offices have health and wellness elements that their employees never use. Why? The likely answer is that they’re tucked away in a corner, inconvenient and uninviting. Making your wellness spaces and equipment available and inviting means keeping them visible and ready to use.
  • Enhance the natural light in your workplace – Natural light is one of the most important factors when it comes to workplace wellbeing. Move or remove furniture that is blocking natural light and consider investing in skylights. Natural light is a vital source of vitamin D and has a positive impact on employee health.
  • Make healthy foods available – Does your breakroom have a candy bowl full of processed sugars and fats? Consider replacing it with a bowl of fresh fruit. Provide tea instead of sodas. Healthy foods not only offer long-term benefits for your employees, but can do away with the sugar crashes your workers are likely to experience after a handful of chocolate runs its course.
  • Promote health and wellness – Don’t let the work you’ve put into design carry all the weight. Keep health and wellness at the top of the list for your staff. Run programs to encourage physical activity and regularly promote wellness within your workplace. Your employees will treat wellness with a sense of priority if it’s a priority for you. Keep it fresh in their minds!

Design for health and wellness

Your business is competing with other businesses for the top talent in your industry. A modern office design with an emphasis on health and wellness is one of the first ways you will communicate to potential recruits that your value them personally. Contact DB Interiors today to transform your office into a space that fosters health and wellness for your employees.

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