Innovation in Office Interior Designs

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Innovation is a key buzzword for modern businesses all over the world; everyone is looking for that new idea, approach or method that will drive business growth and success. Most innovation, however, tends to be focused on products and services, instead of the people assigned with delivering those assets to the market. Being innovative with your workplace culture is vitally important, even the best innovations in products and services will be completely wasted if your staff members are ill-equipped to effectively deliver or represent them to your clientele. A positive workplace culture then is the first innovation you need; your people need to feel as if their goals and mission are aligned with your business’s goals and mission; happy staff have been consistently shown to be more productive and profitable. One crucial aspect to consider when looking for ways to improve your workplace culture is your physical office environment – that is where experts like DB Interiors can help. With a properly planned and developed office interior design, you can foster a positive workplace culture and help to boost innovation across your business.

What to consider in office design?

1) Open meeting rooms, collaborative communication hubs and quiet, relaxation areas all help staff to work better together, by giving more and better opportunities for collaboration, as well as space to get away from the office background noise and think for a while.

2) Seating people in an open plan office layout improves relationships between employees and amongst their teams, leading to better quality problem solving, decision-making and communication.

3) Creativity in your commercial or office interior design encourages creativity in the staff who work there, whether it’s through interesting artwork or creative colour schemes or anything in between.

4) Bring the best and latest of technology to your workplace, it not only means that the computers and devices used by your team operate at maximum efficiency and speed, reducing downtime, it also gives them choices over what technology they would like to use and even where they want to use it, which is quite important for the ‘mobile generation.’

5) Spacious breakout areas and modern kitchen facilities support health and wellbeing and give slightly less formal, though comfortable areas for collaboration at work.

At DB Interiors, we have seen many examples where improving the office space has directly led to an improvement performance and efficiency of staff members. This will allow you to hold on to your best employees and provide a great inducement for attracting new, high-quality employees, which will have definitive flow through effects for both your customers’ experience of your business and your bottom line!

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