Innovation in the office: Real life examples of innovative office design

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Even just a short decade ago, today’s focus on collaborative, open office spaces and their impact on employee wellbeing was almost completely unheard of. Now, businesses make major investments in improving the design of their work environment to maximise both employee performance and emotional and physical wellbeing.

Inventive designs incorporating the latest technology are increasingly popular, so let’s take a look at some real-world examples of inspired office design that has made an impact of staff productivity and job satisfaction.

Autodesk, San Francisco, USA

In addition to inspiring, creative features such as meeting desks suspended from the ceiling, this Silicon Valley tech company makes use of innovative technology such as treadmill desks to help workers maintain their physical and mental health. Being able to get up and stretch their legs while carrying on with work has proven to enhance both productivity and employee happiness.

The treadmill desks can be arranged in groups so that meetings and collaborative projects don’t prevent staff from keeping fit and active.

Helix Property, London, UK

Helix Property revamped their tired-looking, generic reception and atrium spaces into an inspiring and impressive corporate environment. The redesign incorporates high-tech flourishes such as wireless charging points integrated into the reception seating, which also double-up as planters to inject a splash of colour and life into the space. This effect is finished off by another vibrant and innovative installation, a large moss wall greeting visitors in the entrance area.

Medibank Place, Melbourne, Australia

Back in 2014, this Australian health insurer totally redesigned their head office as part of an initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of staff. The new office offers numerous work environments from quiet indoor areas, collaborative spaces to outdoor balconies with high-speed WiFi access.

The building’s central plaza (pictured above) is a truly breath-taking modern workspace, and could be considered the pinnacle of what Medibank have been able to achieve with their new HQ.

The new environment has been proven to reduce staff absences and result in better collaboration and productivity.

With all signs pointing towards continuing trends for healthy, collaborative and high-tech office space, Medibank has effectively future-proofed their office and helped establish their head office as a highly desirable place to work.

Google’s EMEA Engineering Hub, Zurich, Switzerland

Google is famous for its fun and creative office designs across the world. In addition to numerous unconventional features intended to inspire innovation such as hanging gondolas, bean bag meeting rooms and even go karts, Google’s Zurich office has implemented several egg-shaped pods. These enclosed spaces are designed according to their surrounding environment and can be used for private phone calls and one-on-one meetings.

Verisk Analytics, London, England

You would expect a high-tech data analytics firm like Verisk Analytics to incorporate innovative technology into their office design, and Verisk does not disappoint.

The company uses smart screens installed throughout the building to automate room bookings, appointments and calls through a unified system, and the screens can also be used as interactive whiteboards or repeater screens.

Touch screen tables enable group collaboration, and smart furniture monitors workflow behaviours and habits as well as alerting employees to bad posture.

DB Interior’s goal is to reinvent your office design to inspire and support a happy and creative staff, and a workspace that reflects your business’ principles and values.

Have a chat with us today to find out how we can create an office tailored to you and your people.

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