How to Prepare Your Office for the Winter Season

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Winter brings its own set of unique challenges such as colder weather and sickness, which can have a negative effect on workplace productivity. Working in a big office space can make it difficult to please everyone: You have those who are comfortable coming in on a cold winter day with simply a button shirt and pants and on one end you have people who are wearing three layers of clothes underneath their puffy jacket.

Rather than trying to please everyone, a flexible approach can still ensure your team is as comfortable as possible this winter. The interior design and layout of your office has a large impact on your team’s morale and productivity, and this is especially true in winter. For facilities or operation manager, there’s often a lot of work ahead of them to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Find out how you can maintain staff morale, increase productivity, and keep your staff comfortable during the cold season.

Automate HVAC systems and run maintenance

The worst thing that can happen in winter is for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to break. We recommend running a maintenance check to make sure everything is in working condition. Automating your HVAC to maintain a comfortable room temperature will also help people to stay comfortable. Most of the time, sharp changes in temperature will be an annoyance for staff and affect workplace productivity. Maintaining a consistent temperature indoors will help you avoid these problems.

Encourage more activity in the office

Cold and wet weather often discourage people to do exercise or even go for a walk. Exercise helps blood flow to the brain which improves alertness, energy and productivity. Small walks can produce positive physiological effects in helping people to mentally refresh, which is vital when working in an office environment. Standing desks are one way to encourage people to stay more active during winter and throughout the year! The DB Interiors team provide an extensive interior fit out service to help make it easier for office managers to fill their workplaces with the right equipment.

Refresh your office design

Is your office due for an update? The gloomy winter weather can have a negative impact on your staff morale. They’re going to be spending a lot more time indoors so make sure your office is a place where they feel comfortable to work all day. Incorporating office plants and vibrant colours can have a direct psychological effect on people.

Even restructuring your office interior layout to make it more open can help people feel as though they’re working a much larger space. Spatial planning is one of DB Interiors specialities and, if you don’t know where to start, we can help you with an indoor Space Audit. Get in touch with DB Interiors today.

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