How to Modernise an Office and Add Life to Your Workplace

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We spend a lot of time at work, so it follows that commercial interiors should be an engaging place to inhabit. As younger generations make up an increasing portion of the workforce, office interiors are starting to evolve to keep up with the demands of modern employees.

So, what do you need to do in order to keep your staff comfortable and happy? Before calling an interior designer, there are some surprisingly simple steps you can take to transform your office into a fresh, contemporary interior!

Planter systems

According to the Guardian, plants can greatly promote staff satisfaction, improving productivity by around 15 per cent. Decorating with a few plants is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to make functional spaces feel more comfortable. There are a wide range of plants that require little to no upkeep or care, and it may even be worth exploring faux planter systems too, especially if you want to place them somewhere difficult to reach for watering.

Sunshine and Natural Light

The amount of sunlight we see throughout the day has been connected to a better sleep at night. Sleeping well at night means arriving well-rested and motivated for work the next day. Simply moving your furniture around to make the best use of your windows can breathe life into a space, along with other quick and easy adjustments like keeping your windowsills clear.

Many interior design teams can help you on this front too, by making the most of your blinds and curtains. Practical and stylish window dressings can help you manage glare as the sun shifts over the seasons, or help keep your office space private after hours.


Despite the benefits of sunlight, we can’t count on it being warm and sunny all the time! Your typical commercial lighting is practical, but often comes across cold. Complementing your existing lighting with additional spot-lighting or wall fittings is a great plan for updating your space. Standing lamps look inviting and warm in certain areas, but be careful about putting them in or near walkways.


A new offering from the team at DB Interiors, the Hushspace is a solution to those looking to implement cost-effective, moveable private areas in the office. The Hushspace is designed with acoustics and privacy in mind, works wonderfully as a low-cost, dynamic meeting space, and features universal power and USB outlets, to accommodate the technology you’ll want to sit down with.

Acoustic Wall Treatment

A new option for reducing noise and absorbing sound in the office – moss panels make for great acoustic wall treatments, and they provide extra benefits over many other acoustic treatment materials. Moss panels are natural, organic, and make for a much nice view than common office panels. They require very little care, and their maintenance levels are surprisingly low.

Want to do more with your commercial interior?

If these ideas have inspired you to make changes to your office, but you want to do more to update your office fit-out, talk to the best. Contact the DB Interiors team now, and book your free discovery call!

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