How to Declutter Your Workspace the Smart Way

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Clean, clutter-free workspaces are symptoms of an effective office space strategy, but they require your attention and effort to maintain. If your office workspace seems to be in constant disarray, you may need to re-evaluate how you manage your space, and what you really need in order to achieve your goals. Continue reading for our top seven tips to declutter your workspace.

1. Prioritise your items

Let’s face it, some items at your workspace will get a lot more use than others. Identifying a hierarchy of items based on frequency of use and importance will help you put a system together where more necessary items are more readily available. This will help you make more efficient use of your time slow the accumulation of clutter.

2. Justify everything

We now live in a KonMari world. The world-famous decluttering expert has added a simple question to the way we think about clutter and organisation: does this bring me joy? Why not apply the same zen thinking to our workspace? Go through all the items at your desk and ask yourself if you need them to do your job. If you can’t justify them, perhaps it’s time to let them go.

3. Take it home or pass it on

We often find that items we brought from home for a single use never made it back where they belong. Free up space by taking things back home that you don’t need. If you don’t need them at home either, consider donating them, or making them available to others in the office who have use for them.

4. Use the right desk

We often fall into the trap of thinking the only things in our control are what we keep at our desk, and where we keep it. However, you may want to take a closer look at the desk itself! The right desk is vital to a functional workspace. Make sure it’s large enough to suit your needs and has the storage space to meet your demands. Remember that while desks are often considered a built-in part of your office space strategy, they are easy to swap out in a soft office fit-out if you find that a more modern design will allow for greater productivity.

5. Desktop vs drawers

Not every desk in modern offices have drawers, but if yours does, consider re-examining how you’ve structured it to organise your things. One of the easiest ways for a desk to workspace to become dysfunctional and cluttered is to have an ineffective (or non-existent) filing system at your desk. Review your filing system. Does putting things in the right place require so much of your time that you wind up piling papers in the corner? If so, it might be time to rethink how you store your documents.

6. Be resourceful with your desk space

Often, over time, the space we use at our desk tends to contract, withdrawing closer to us as we place items near to us for convenience. Simply by being mindful of this, we can spot unused space at our workstation. You may be surprised to find you’ve had enough space to avoid clutter all along!

7. Schedule regular tidying times

Remember that tidying up is never a permanent fix and keeping your workspace clean and functional will cause you a lot less stress in the long run than allowing clutter to build up and become unmanageable. Schedule regular organisation times as a fixed part of your workload. Ideally, once a week will keep you on top of your clutter and allow you to maintain your highest productivity.

Smart design makes a clutter-free office possible

At the end of the day, your workspace is just a small part of a larger office, and the design and spatial planning of that office can impact your workstation in ways that may not be immediately recognisable. That’s where the office fit-out experts at DB Interiors step in. Providing the leading corporate interior design NZ wide, we know how to plan your office to improve workflow and maximise productivity. Contact DB Interiors today to learn more.

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