How to Create and Design a Healthy Work Environment

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At the end of the day, a happy employee is a productive employee. A healthy work environment creates many positive flow-on effects for your team members. As a business owner or operations manager, there are a number of things that you can do to design and create a work environment that improves staff morale and boosts productivity.

Find out how you can refresh your office interior in order to design a healthy environment for your workers.

Invest in ergonomic office furniture!

Office furniture is one of the most crucial elements of any office workstation design. Your employees spend eight hours a day at the office so it’s important for them to be comfortable. Looking at your office chairs and desks are a good starting point but you can also look at other pieces of furniture such as breakroom couches for staff to relax and focus zones. There are many variations of office furniture such as standard office chairs, traditional desks, and standing desks just to name a few.

Does your office have a pleasant working temperature?

Is your office temperature at a comfortable climate for people to work effectively? According to WorkSafe, the ideal temperature at work should be set at a rate where thermal discomfort or stress does not occur. The average recommended temperature where most people feel comfortable is 20 degrees Celsius and according to research, is where productivity is at its highest. This temperature can also differ when it gets to the hotter and colder parts of the year, so stay aware of office temperature no matter the season.

How does air flow in the office?

Airflow is one of the most underrated and least commonly thought about aspects of an office space. Do you ever notice how fresh air calms you down and reenergises you? Effective ventilation allows air to circulate around your office space, though many offices still run into the problem of having poor ventilation which can lead to a lot of problems. Indoor air pollution is linked with illness, and can cause many office workers to fall sick and require time off work. Ensure you have a ventilation system in place that can efficiently control the flow of air at your workplace.

Ask for your staff’s feedback

One thing you should do before implementing any organisational changes is to ask your staff for feedback. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and everyone will have their own unique preferences. Some people may prefer to use standing desks but others may prefer to sit down. Let your team know about your office plans and ask for their opinion! The last thing you want to do is disrupt office productivity.

If you want to find out more about how you can update your office design to create a healthy work environment, request a consultation with one of the DB Interiors team.

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