How to Create an Agile Office Workspace

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What is an agile office fit out, and what does it take to create one? To us, an agile office is one that can keep up with the modular workflow of an agile business. No two agile offices are created the same way – it exists to meet your specific needs. Due to this highly personalized nature, the first thing you should do is be perceptive, and fully understand how your team operates. Speak with them directly, take notes, and really pay attention to what is important for them to achieve maximum efficiency. This is the ultimate way to achieve the correct office design.

Once you know what their needs are in terms of communication, transparency, and collaboration, you can apply it to the direction you want to push your architecture. Interior design is about knowing what the environment around you can do to serve your needs, without you even noticing it. Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at the steps necessary to achieve this.

Boost Agility with An Open Plan Office

In order to encourage an agile office culture, you have to knock down established walls, both metaphorically and physically. When you implement an open plan space, you’re supporting communication and transparency at the same time. When your team is able to see and interact with each other, they can work together without restriction. Removing fixed cubicles and partitions is a great way to foster this behaviour, and open up your office interior.

Once you’ve removed the boundaries, having the infrastructure to support movement is important. Installing multiple use workstations across the office allows your staff to migrate, moving from team to team, disseminating information to each other as needed. The office furniture component of the project is a key to achieving this outcome.

When it comes to floor-planning, having ample room between clusters of desks is ideal, so that when people do take the chance to move, they don’t disturb those around them. Nothing will curtail movement more than making it uncomfortable to do so. Our designers help to achieve this result with your office make over.

Beyond these basics, an open plan concept can also include a variety of workstations – don’t just rely on desks. There are a number of new, modern ways to approach the work environment. Giving your team the option to change their work environment is a big plus – sometimes a change of environment can let different brain juices flow. This leads us to our next point.

Implement Alternative Spaces for Switching Gears

An agile office needs to be able to aid those employees who are juggling roles, and support their freedom to choose their environment with a range of spaces designed for different purposes. Open concept rooms are great for collaboration, but bolstering this with breakout spaces and quiet rooms will ensure that those who need to laser-focus on a task for a while have the opportunity to.

Meeting rooms are also a necessity – both for client meetings, and to let your team access private face-t-face channels if need be. Noise-proofing these rooms, and your breakout spaces, is advisable, but it can be worth exploring the value of extending noise-absorbing technology into your main floors too. Noise pollution tends to be at the top of many staff members list of distractions, so investing in moss panels or other noise reduction tools can be a great way to mitigate this problem.

Need More Agile Office Ideas?

There’s a whole world of designers out there constantly fine-tuning and improving agile office concepts, so keeping up with office fit out and refurbishment trends is the best way to spark inspiration for your upcoming office upgrades. For more information on the agile office, and the exciting new ground being covered in pursuit of it, why not talk to the experts? Call the friendly team at DB Interiors today, and we can help you take your office from bland to beautiful, start to finish.

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