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Five Tips for Creating a Healthy and Productive Workspace

Having a well-designed office fitout is a major contributor to how productive your office will be on a day-to-day basis. There are small, seemingly inconsequential choices that you can make which will have a massive impact on your employees’ motivation and creativity, and these things are crucial to the operation of any business.

Having said that, let’s get into our five tips for creating a productive agile office fitout.


Our first tip is to add colour, and to add it well. Choosing a colour palette goes beyond deciding what you think looks good (although that is of course a factor). Your choice of colour can change the psychology of the people working in the space, according to the Colour Affects System. There are four primary psychological colours that can impact on the dimensions of human nature, and utilising one of them in your office space can encourage certain aspects of your employees to get stronger. They are:

  • Red. The physical colour, we often see it in gyms and construction companies. Red inspires physical activity and inspiration.
  • Blue. The colour of the mind, blue usually has a calming effect on people. It also stimulates logical thinking and focus.
  • Yellow. The emotional colour inspires creativity, as well as lifting people’s spirits, which makes it excellent for companies in creative industries.
  • Green. Bringing to mind earthiness and growth, green is the colour representing balance. Many yoga studios and natural companies use this colour.


In addition to having a well-chosen colour palette, it is essential that your office interiors is well-lit. Having a dark workspace causes eye strain and encourages the eyes to close, whereas an office full of light stimulates the brain and keeps people awake and focused. If you can use natural light that is often best, however warm white light fixtures around the office can work to create the same effect. Lighting is something interior designers must consider as part of your office design concept.

Remember to choose your light fixtures well, as they can add a lot of thematic interest to a space. Black metal creates an industrial feel, while white and rough or wooden-toned fixtures make the area seem more naturalistic.

Intuitive Organisation

It’s not just about how things look, it’s about how they function. If you want to design a productive workspace you need to put effort into deciding how you are going to organise the resources of the office so that everyone knows where things are at all times. At the same time, the system must be intuitive and easy to maintain so that the office doesn’t clutter over time. Careful change management on team surveys is a way this will be captured.

We suggest recessed, streamlined storage for office stationery and kitchen spaces, and individual storage spaces for employees to manage for themselves. This ensures that each person has their own space to maintain, and clearly labelling communal storage will make it hard to create messiness.


Depending on the kind of industry you work in, safety will mean different things to you. If you work in a software engineering office, then one of your primary concerns will be cable management and the reduction of eye strain. However, if you own a company that works with chemicals then your major concern will be installing safety measures such as eyewash station and fume hoods in case of an emergency. This type of detail would normally be considered on admin fringe areas, or cross-over zones from office areas into lab areas.

All work places should be designed with safety in mind, it’s just a matter of recognising what particular things your company needs to safeguard against.


Lastly, one of the most important things you can do for your team is to ensure that they are comfortable. Having adequate lighting, as we mentioned previously, is one aspect of this, as working with eye strain and headaches is no one’s idea of fun.

If possible, you should also provide your employees with ergonomic seating and the option to stand as they work, because sitting down all day can wreak havoc on their backs. Offer breakout areas or quiet rooms for them to focus, and make these spaces even more comfortable – things like couches or bean bags work well here.

Inspire productivity from the ground up

At the end of the day, if your employees are happy and healthy within their workspace, then they’re going to feel inspired no matter what. If you need some help implementing these tips, feel free to contact us now.  Whether you’re in the midst of an office relocation, or you’re simply looking for a re-design, we are more than happy to help with office interior refurbishments, or office design concepts.

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