10 Point Checklist for Finding the Right Office Space

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Searching for the right workspace is tough, whether you’re looking to move locations, or doing brand new office space planning, your choice could be your office for the next few years, so it’s important to get your office design correct. In this blog, we’ll help streamline the selection process by giving you some key ideas to start with your office fitout.

1. Space

The floor plan of your office will impact every other decision you make about the space. Certain elements of an interior can also make areas feel much bigger or smaller, so it’s wise to have an interior designer involved during this early step.

2. Location

Another key part of choosing the right space, location affects the commute of both you and your employees. It’s also worth thinking about how it will affect freight and couriers, especially if your business deals with a lot of raw materials, or requires frequent collection and delivery of physical items.

3. Flexibility

Once you have broad requirements identified, think about how you need the office design to work. Does it need to support drastically different setups or workflow from project to project? If a flexible space is important to your team, it’s best to identify this early on to achieve the best outcome for your office fitout.

4. Furniture

How flexible you need the office to be will also alter your requirements in terms of furniture. Being able to plan and visualise what furniture you want to fill a space will make the specification process a lot smoother. Our designers are equipped with a very wide range of furniture systems, and always prescribe the correct system for the correct environment.

5. Comfort

When considering the comfort of your employees, think beyond furniture and look at the overall office HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) requirements. Deciding how the temperature of your space will be controlled – along with other aspects like differing levels of noise in certain areas – is crucial to your new office space planning.

6. Colour

Colour also plays a large role in the mood of an office space, and it’s important to consider how you want both employees and clients to react to the space. Thankfully, the colour of an office space isn’t something you are necessarily stuck with – you may wish to paint certain parts of your office with dynamic colours, or add a street art mural to the entrance area, for example. Once again, our design team can assist.

7. Aesthetic

Are you looking for a commercial result, or exposed-brickwork feel? Or a sleek, clean, sharp angled look? All these aspects can be considered by our office design team.

8. Lighting

Lighting also contributes to the aesthetic of your office, and does so in a number of ways. Consider the fixtures themselves, how they look amongst the office space, the tone of light they emit, and over and above all correct Lux level readings are critical for staff engagement. A dark office reduces productivity.

9. Safety

The last thing you want is to find the perfect office, only to then discover it’s not up to code. Safety regulations are an important factor to remember during the selection process – wheel-chair toilets, lift access and disabled reception access.

10. Sustainability

Finally, we have sustainability: an ever-growing concern for all office-based businesses. There are a number of ways to implement sustainable practices, and these can start with your initial setup. Considering sustainable floor coverings, recycled rubbish stations, and LED lighting are only some suggestions.

Need a guide?

If you’re taking your business to the next step in its growth, and want to consider office relocation project scoping with DB Interiors, contact our helpful team today, on 0800 999 000.

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