Break Out Area Ideas

It’s important to provide a space for your employees to go to unwind, relax and interact with colleagues in a comfortable setting. Providing a functional and fun break out area is a sure-fire way to keep employees happy and productivity levels high.

There are some easy things to do to offer a useful break out area that everyone will enjoy. Here are a few handy ideas and some tips to design or upgrade your break out area.


This is a space where employees go to relax for a few moments during the workday. It’s wise to use colors that will provide calmness and relaxation. Refer to our blog post about colors and the impact that they have on productivity and employee moods.

Useful Tip: Don’t use the same color that is in the rest of your office. Make the break out area a unique place that’s not an extension of the rest of the office, as this allows the team to get into another head space.


You want to provide adequate and comfortable seating in your break out area. Make sure to supply as many as needed.

Collaborative Seating

Think about grouping some seating options together to offer collaborative communication between colleagues.

Stand Stools

Stools are an easy and multipurpose way to provide short-term sitting options around countertops.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are a seating option that automatically summons relaxation. They are a great way to add color to your room while providing a relaxed seating option.

Useful tip: If the break out room is often used for celebrations, supply a good amount of folding or stacking chairs.


Depending on the space that you have available, try to place tables in a way to make conviviality easy for employees. If your space is on the smaller side, countertops mounted on the walls with stools can be a good option.

Useful tip: It’s best to have several small movable tables than one long one that is less adaptable.


Break out rooms can be a place to go to have fun. Some offices offer video games, board games, and other fun activities for employees to unwind.

Providing a coffee machine is also an excellent idea. Some companies offer free coffee; others offer a machine where employees can enjoy making their own coffee.

Making supplies like a microwave, a toaster, and other basic kitchen articles available in your break out area are mandatory.

Useful tip: Survey your employees and ask what they would like to have in the break out area. They will feel like they are being listened to and you will provide them what they actually need.

Acoustic Wall Treatment

Providing a place that is free from the bustling noises that come from the office area is a good idea. Look into putting up art or other forms of wall coverings that can make sounds less echo and also keep the office noises out.


You don’t need to put office lighting in this are as you will want to keep the mood relaxed.


Remember to plan your space to provide a friendly and convivial atmosphere. Arrange the furniture in a way that promotes interactions. This should be a place where colleagues can mingle easily, eat together, feel comfortable or a break way area to complete a specific task.

Providing a relaxing place where employees can go to unwind for a few minutes during their workday will only serve to improve their overall productivity. The impact of a functional and well thought out break area is always positive for general work production.

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