How technology trends are impacting workplace design

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In recent years the modern workplace has been transformed by new technology supporting enterprise networks, cloud computing, and mobile working with tablets and phones. These developments have a profound impact on employee job satisfaction, productivity and efficiency. Remote Working It…

How much office space do you really need?

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Whether you are moving your office to a new location or refreshing your workplace, the amount of available office space is always a major concern. The right office space facilitates and accommodates your future growth as well as boosting the…

An interview with Kimberley Bates, MetaPeople Pty Ltd

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Fostering a positive company culture is on every organisation’s agenda, however not many manage to build their culture into the company, especially when it comes to the work environment itself. ‘Flexible work options’ is a great buzzword to attract staff,…

Affordable Office Design

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It’s obvious that a smart office layout will benefit your business, but no business has unlimited time and money to spend on improvements. There are improvements that can be made on any budget that will translate to gains in employee…

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