Worker meditates at his office desk

Incorporating Mindfulness Through Savvy Office Design

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In a world of accelerating stress, distraction, and pace, the need for peace of mind during the workday is becoming increasingly important. Nearly every office worker faces a daily barrage of emails, messages, phone calls, texts, and board meetings, pulling…
Woman stretches in a comfortable office with natural light

Modern Design Ideas for Enhanced Workplace Wellness

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Health and wellness should be a priority in any workplace, and knowing how your design decisions can influence your employees is crucial when planning your office space strategy. Design decisions you make will have a profound impact on the wellbeing…
Young office staff at work in a modern office space

Five Rooms & Spaces Your Office Doesn’t Have but Should

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Open plan workspaces, reception rooms, break rooms, meeting rooms… Office design has long relied on a standard set of rooms and spaces. Today, however, interior designers are thinking outside the box. Modern office design often features more creative uses of…
handshake business people sitting at the office Desk

What Your Office Interior Says About Your Business

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First impressions count for a lot in the business world. More than just eye contact and a firm handshake, your clients and guests will make many assumptions about the nature of your business based on your office interior. Your office…

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