Young office workers collaborate at a work table

Office Furniture to Boost Collaboration & Creativity

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In the modern office space, collaboration has never been more important. Open and effective communication between team members and departments is driving innovation in productivity, corporate workflow, and even design solutions. Even in open-plan offices, the rise of mobile technology…
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What You Should Expect from Your Commercial Landlord

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When renting, an office is very similar to an apartment. Your landlord shoulders certain responsibilities and you should expect your landlord to honour them. After all, you have a business to worry about. You don’t have time to take on…
Office workers collaborate in a modern office environment

Designing Your Office to Reflect the Culture You Want

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Your office design will have a significant impact on the level of productivity your staff can achieve, but what if it also influenced the culture in your workplace? In the modern corporate world, cultivating and sustaining a positive, inclusive, and…
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What to Consider as You Negotiate Your Office Lease

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Landlords want good tenants for their office spaces. You can’t blame them. Nor can they blame you for trying to secure the best possible deal for your business. Leasing office space is a great solution for businesses that are moving…

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