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Importance of Spatial Planning in Office Design

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How important is spatial design to the running of your office? While it’s a question that has been in the industry for decades now, it’s one that isn’t discussed often enough in the wider scope of office design. Many people…
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What Trends Will Influence Office Design in 2019?

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Design is developing quickly, and as a leading interior designer Auckland-wide, DB Interiors has a unique and insightful view of the future of office space planning. Now that 2019 is here, we’re going over some trends to keep an eye on…

Six Ways to Bring Nature into the Office

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New office space planning is the perfect time to consider your workplace’s relationship with nature. It’s been proven that offices that include a touch of nature boost the moods of employees, improve workflow, job satisfaction, and – let’s face it – makes…

How to Create a Flexible Office Space

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When it comes to commercial office fit outs in Auckland, we know a thing or two about putting together a flexible office space. Today we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned about creating a workplace that’s…

Top 5 Elements of an Agile Workspace

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Ever wondered what exactly an agile office fit out is? The term has been floating around in the interior design world for a while now, and as with all trends, people are rightfully wondering whether or not it will stick around, or…

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