Why You Should Be Pursuing Wellness Through Office Design

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Today’s businesses are quickly transitioning from promoting health and wellness to actively facilitating it, and that’s because the importance of workplace wellness has never been more evident. A workplace that takes mental and physical wellness seriously is one that maximises…
Group of young business people working together in creative modern office.

Avoid These Spatial Planning Mistakes in Your Office

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You may not always know what specific design elements to consider as you plan your office’s spatial interior design. Many businesses today fall into the same spatial planning traps that have plagued offices for years. Continue reading to learn more…
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Why Modern Office Designs Need Break Out Areas

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Break out area design is the latest and greatest thing in modern workplace design. If your workplace hopes to be fully efficient in today’s competitive environment, there are many reasons why a break out area is essential. We talk about…
Close up on hands of Interior designer displaying a palette of colour swatches for an office interior refurbishment

Commercial Office Interior Refurbishment

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Maintaining a great office space has become a crucial part of business in the modern era, as it promotes healthy work culture, and staff retention. Further needs for office refurbishment may arise from requirements for more space, a desire to…
A cluttered office desk

How to Declutter Your Workspace the Smart Way

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Clean, clutter-free workspaces are symptoms of an effective office space strategy, but they require your attention and effort to maintain. If your office workspace seems to be in constant disarray, you may need to re-evaluate how you manage your space,…

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