The Benefits of Acoustic Pods for Modern Workplaces

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Open plan offices have been the most common (and trendy) office layout for fifteen years, ever since Google unveiled their new headquarters in Mountain View, California in 2005. That ushered in an age of openness, exposure, and free-wheeling collaboration. Despite the popularity of open plan offices, however, drawbacks persist—the major disadvantage being the lack of volume control and privacy. Open plan offices can be loud and distracting, inhibiting productivity and causing greater stress.

As a result, commercial interior designers have been developing new and innovative ways to provide workers a respite from day-to-day office commotion. One such solution is the acoustic pod. Acoustic pods are rapidly gaining popularity as a stylish, versatile, affordable, and effective way to provide your staff with some needed peace and quiet. Continue reading to learn more about acoustic pods and how they can benefit your office.

What are acoustic pods?

Acoustic pods are small, isolating workspaces where one or two (rarely more than four) workers can do some focused work, collaborate informally, or speak on the phone away from the ambient noise of the office. Rather than a constructed room with walls or partitions, an acoustic pod is a piece of office furniture that can be installed without a full-scale office renovation project. Acoustic pods can include charging and connectivity ports and even built-in screens for small meetings or collaboration.

The benefits of acoustic pods

1.       Attractive – Acoustic pods are not just a walled-off space. They are a dynamic piece of office furniture and can be treated like a centrepiece of your office. Available in many different styles and colours, they can add a touch of flair to any space.

2.       Privacy – Aside from the ambient noise, open plan offices also allow a little privacy. If your workers need to take personal phone calls or handle other personal business, an acoustic pod could be the perfect place to step away and be alone.

3.       Volume control – Not only do acoustic pods offer a break from the ambient noise of an open plan office, by providing workers with an isolated space to speak on the phone or collaborate, they can lower the volume in the office at large and make it easier for everyone else to focus as well.

4.       Costeffective – Acoustic pods don’t require a full-scale renovation to install. They can be added like other office furniture with some revised spatial planning, making them a much cheaper alternative to adding new walls, partitions, and windows to create new meeting rooms.

5.       Fewer building regulations – Because the office won’t need to be stripped out for acoustic pods to be installed, they don’t require as much Building Code compliance as the construction of new rooms.

6.       Versatile – Acoustic pods can meet many different needs within your office. Your workers will appreciate their versatility, and workers from many different teams or departments may find entirely different uses for them.

Make acoustic pods a part of your soft fit out

If you are looking for ways to increase the agility of your office design without stripping it out for a massive renovation, then a soft fit out with improved spatial planning and the best office furniture NZ wide could be just what you’re looking for. DB Interiors is an industry leader in affordable and effective soft fit outs, improving the functionality of your commercial space without setting you back thousands in construction costs. Contact DB Interiors today to arrange your consultation.

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