Applying Office Design Essentials to Your Home Office

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People choose to work from home for a variety of reasons. Perhaps parking or commuting costs are too expensive. Perhaps they have gone into business by themselves and haven’t yet built a new business big enough to justify a whole office. Whatever the reason, people who work from home don’t need to tackle the challenge of office design by themselves!

Fortunately, home office design has plenty in common with commercial office design, and as the top commercial interior designers in Auckland, we at DB Interiors believe our insights can help you design a home office that meets your unique needs!

1. Location & spatial planning

Sure, your home office may only have a single desk, but the location and layout of your home office will have a big impact on your productivity. At a corporate office, work areas are positioned away from areas of heavy foot traffic or ambient noise, and your home office should be no different. Find a quiet and secluded space within your home to make your office.

2. A thoughtful workstation

Your workstation needs to tick the same boxes it would at an office building. You’ll need to factor in connectivity for your technology (your printer, if you need one, will probably be close by), storage space, and organisational capabilities. Corner desks make efficient use of your space and allow you to designate one side for your computer and other side for paperwork. An effective office workstation design will meet all the demands of your home office in a singular location.

Physical comfort is also just as important at home as it is in an office building and investing in ergonomic furniture is one of the biggest steps toward creating a legitimate home office. Importantly, you want your office furniture to be distinguishable from your home furniture.

3. Effective task lighting

Many people who work from home find that natural lighting is easier to find in a house than it is in a downtown office, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your workstation is effectively lit. Dim spaces can negatively impact focus and mood, and ambient lighting in homes often doesn’t provide enough illumination for a home office by itself. Invest in task lighting for your workstation such as desk lamp or nearby floor lamp.

4. Distraction control

Let’s face it. A lot goes on in our homes. The biggest risk of the home office is the distractions posed by our homes and families. Do you have children coming and going from school during your work hours? Is it hard for you to take your mind away from the chores that need done around your house? Distraction control is always easier at an office building and working from home requires that you set boundaries for yourself and commit to them. Respect your set work hours and communicate boundaries to your family if necessary, just as your co-workers at the office would know to take their phone calls and strategy meetings to designated areas.

5. Collaboration and meeting spaces

No, really! Even home office workers sometimes need to meet clients, partners, or shareholders. Your home office doesn’t necessarily need a designed space for these meetings but if it doesn’t, you should consider a set plan for where those meetings will take place. Often, a nearby café makes an ideal spot, but you may opt instead to host these meetings in a designated area of your house. Have a plan to transition that space to and from its original purpose and remember that tidiness reflects professionalism!

Great office design is key to growing your business

A smart home office design will equip you with many of the tools you need for sustainable business success. You may even find your business outgrows its humble beginnings and soon needs a commercial office space to accommodate its higher demand! When that day comes, contact DB Interiors to bring your new office to life.

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