Activity-Based Working Spaces and Interior

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Do you feel like your office space lacks energy and personality? Do you feel like it’s time for a change?

You can either do a simple make-over to make things feel fresh again or change the focus of the space altogether. There are many new and creative options today regarding office areas and how people conduct their business. The old formal closed office spaces are a thing of the past and we are now seeing some interesting and collaborative layout ideas that have proved to be successful with employees.

One of these trends that we feel is a good idea and has demonstrated to be effective is the activity-based workspace. This space allows for greater collaboration between employees and favours teamwork. The idea is that no one has a designated office spot or desk. Areas are divided into individual production spaces focusing on specific needs or tasks. Some areas promote team brainstorming, others encourage socialising, while others are designed to support concentration and focus.

Of course, this method can’t be applied to every office setting. The nature of your business will determine if this is a good option for you and your team.

If you’re looking into establishing an activity-based workspace, let’s look at a few useful ideas and tips that will help get you started.

Sitting / Standing

You need to determine your needs and those of your teams. From there you can evaluate and calculate how many seating areas will be required. Allow for collaborative areas with larger tables and chairs for meetings, but also provide spaces for more private and even isolated gatherings. Remember that your employees will no longer be sitting at the same desk all day. The activity-based workspace means that they will be walking around, standing, and basically becoming more active.

Private Areas

The activity-based work concept does not mean that you have to remove all private areas from your office. Without access to a personalized office space, employees still need places to go to when they need to focus or carry out more private tasks. Make sure to plan enough of these areas depending on the size of your teams and number of employees.

You will also need to provide a designated storage space for your employees to put personal belongings. They no longer possess a particular desk of their own, but they still need to feel like their belongings are safe and sound.

Chat Booths

Chat booths are all the rage now and are excellent places to have small meetings in and also to go to when privacy is required. The booths have acoustic linings so that exterior noises are reduced which also provides intimacy for the occupants. These booths are usually designed with adequate power outlets and all necessary elements for maximum productivity.

Easy-Access Spaces

The main areas where people will congregate need to be welcoming and provide a sense of productivity. Employees need to feel energized in these areas and the space needs to flow. You will want to offer enough open space for moving around and also adequate seating areas. You can discuss with your employees and ask them what they would like to have available in these areas. These are the people who will be using these spaces and you want to make sure that they feel productive and creative.

Remember that implementing an activity-based workspace in any business will require an adaptation period. Employees may seem resistant to change at first and very understandably so. Make sure to consult with professionals who can advise and provide the best knowledge in order to make this change successful.

The designers and professionals at DB Interiors can help you and answer any questions you may have regarding activity-based workspaces. We will gather all necessary information about your specific business and teams and propose the best possible options for you.

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