5 Tips for your new office design

5 Tips for your new office design

5 Tips for your new office design

1. Open plan offices

Modern offices tend to be far more open plan than in the past. Gone are the days of walled-in cubicles for each worker and separate offices for management, these barriers to communication and collaboration have been made redundant by the need for teams to be working openly together. Managers also want to be a lot closer to their staff so they have their ‘fingers on the pulse.’ Individual workstations share space much more frequently these days too, and don’t consider the ‘walling off’ of workstations to be of great value compared with the extra collaboration found in tearing these walls down.

2. Specialist collaboration areas

Better communication is the simplest improvement any organisation can make, we all communicate every day, but rarely consider how communication could be improved or supported. Modern office designs frequently contain ‘collaboration spaces;’ round tables, either seated or standing, where team members and their clients can openly share and build ideas that can lead to the development of some great projects, and break down the barriers that can exist between different departments, or between staff and clients.

3. Multi device/Multi workstation

Young people have always been progressively entering the workforce, but members of today’s technology-driven generation differ from their older counterparts in ways greater than ever seen before. ‘Millenials’ have had access to computers and devices since their early childhood in ways that children of the 70’s or 80’s can’t compare. Older workers have competence with computers and devices, but for those in their twenties they are a way of life. Younger workers will expect, and benefit from, workstations where they can connect and use multiple devices, and will also enjoy the chance to choose from a variety of workstations: such as sitting, standing, sound-proof etc.

4. Hide the cables

With more devices per worker, even in this wireless age, there are still plenty of wires needed to deliver power and data. Clean, tidy offices are better to work in, and give a better impression of the business to visitors. Having cables visible in a ‘bird’s nest’ fashion will work against this tidiness. Consider housing your cables in a system of ducts around your workstations and you will receive all the benefits of the cables, with none of the unsightly mess.

5. Relaxation/Break-out spaces

It is no longer the case that a worker away from their desk is considered unproductive, many businesses around the world have invested in relaxation areas for staff as it allows them a space to digest information away from the office noise, re-focus and develop their thoughts in a place where new emails and tasks are not coming in every 5 minutes. It would seem counter-intuitive to create spaces for workers to sit and think but in the stressful modern workplace, such a space can be absolutely vital.