Office Fit-Out Ideas

Office Fit-Out Ideas

Office Fit-Out Ideas

Your office space should obviously reflect your business’ philosophies and professional structure. You spend many hours every day in this place and you should be comfortable and feel productive. Having a well designed and well thought out interior décor will provide an efficient workplace for employees to enjoy coming to every day.

You may want to simply spruce up some particular areas of your office space or you may want a full workplace makeover. Here are some things to consider when planning your next office fit-out.

Multi-Use Work Zones

Depending on the space available and the type of business you run, various work areas for different departments always need to be taken into account. You may have a highly active and creative marketing team that requires space for group brainstorming and you may also need more private areas to make work for other employees like administration and accounting more comfortable.

Having access to long tables with several chairs is a good option for the team workers, but not so much for the more autonomous employees. Why not have several tables lined up that can easily be broken down into smaller work areas when needed? This creates a versatile environment that can cater to many different employees and team requirements.

When creating a multi-use work zone remember to consider all employees and try to create a space that is conducive to productivity for everyone.

Acoustic System to Manage and Dampen Noise Levels

Acoustics is one of the most important things to consider when doing an office fit-out. Applying techniques to minimize noise for a better work environment is primordial. Employee productivity can be detrimentally altered when ambient noises are distracting them from their tasks.

Today’s trend to have open spaces and putting more employees in closer range has created challenges for acoustics in the workplace. There are solutions to reduce the distracting sounds that come from fellow employees.

Acoustical Absorptive Materials

There are several ways of absorbing sound in an office setting. You may want to consider wall panels, an acoustical ceiling, or carpeting to absorb sound and minimize the distractions in open concept spaces.

Sound Masking

Sound masking is the technique of creating a continuous sound in a space in order to mask the conversations and other distracting noises that work colleagues create on a daily basis.

Read this great article explaining the techniques of attaining great workplace acoustics and creating a great space that will not be slowed down by noise distractions.

Decorative Light Fittings

Lighting is one way we can easily create a desired mood or atmosphere in an office. Overhead florescent lighting can sometimes be harsh and therefore create cold environments. Try adding decorative light fixtures or task lighting in specific areas to shape the space with a personalized and intentional lighting structure.

Breakout Areas

Employees need spaces where they can go to disconnect and relax. Creating a pleasant breakout room or even a few designated areas to go to for relaxation is a great way to keep employees content and productive. Make sure these areas have the necessary items that are needed by your employees. Providing adequate and comfortable seating, a fridge, a microwave, and other supplies are a few good ideas to achieve a relaxing breakout area that will be appreciated by your employees.

Fun Spaces

With every new generation joining the workforce, certain expectations have been put into the workplace for consideration. One of the new trends is to add game and entertainment areas to offices. Adding a video gaming room, a dart board, or table tennis are all good ideas that can keep employees happy and energized.

Google is well known to have upped the game for staff playground areas. Check out this article showcasing some great game rooms and play areas from the international Google offices and others from around the world. So many ways to have fun in the office!

Wall Graphics and Art

Hanging art or adding wall graphics in your office is a great way to set mood and create a visually interesting area. Choose the visuals carefully and make sure that they are not distracting or insensitive to certain employees. Why not support and encourage local artists by showcasing their art in your office.

Open Plan Kitchenette

Planning a kitchenette in your office fit-out is a good way to provide employees a place to share and eat together. If your office provides enough space, we highly recommend you consider adding an open plan kitchenette.

Concrete Exposed Spaces

Concrete used to be considered cold and unconducive to productivity. This thought process has changed over the years with the new trend of opening up work spaces and exposing concrete walls and building materials. This can create a trendy and fun environment for employees to enjoy coming to every day. Remember to warm up and personalize your space with graphics or art and proper lighting.

Plants / Planters

Adding living components to your office will definitely freshen up the look and actually contribute to cleaner air and reduced stress levels. Adding plants will help in reducing CO2 in the office and planters can actually also be used as natural space dividers.

All or some of these ideas and approaches can be applied to your personal needs according to your budget and personal employee requirements. There are many ways of achieving a successful office fit-out. At DB interiors we take every step necessary to create a space that represents you, your company, and your business philosophies. We work within your budget and listen to your requirements to successfully meet your expectations.

Providing an inviting and inspiring environment for employees is essential in order to keep productivity levels high and employee satisfaction at it’s best. We all want a great place to go to every day where we can feel comfortable, creative, and proud.

Let the DB Interiors team create this personalized space for you!