Has your office design evolved with the technology?

Has your office design evolved with the technology?

Business Evolved with Technology

Changes in the nature of the modern workplace have been driven fast by technological innovation. Mobile devices and cloud computing particularly have transformed how people work and how businesses deal with information storage and sharing.

Work is not just a place

Technology gives businesses and employees the freedom to work whether they are at their place of work or not. The old days of being tied to a single desk are long gone as you can access information and online tools of your trade from pretty well anywhere that has an internet connection.

People can work from home, cafes, public transport or even just various workstations in your office, and a recent KPMG cloud survey report showed this leads to better productivity, greater employee satisfaction and improved business operations overall.

Employees can choose their own workspace, devices, and even hours within reason. A well planned office space these days helps to enable staff to make these decisions, offering various settings for work and collaboration, helping to give your company the competitive edge in various ways.

There is no One Size Fits All

Early in the new millenium, workspaces took advantage of new computer technology by setting up all staff with the same technology at their desk, but this ‘one size fits all’ approach is now redundant. Today’s working environments need to be designed and constructed to suit the various needs and options available to team members.

This leads to a more positive workplace culture and empowers your employees to take control of their work and the way they do it. So when thinking about a new office plan or design, consider your employee needs first, and what you can include to help them work better in terms of technology, layout and special office features.

Work Remotely, but Meet Remotely too

Not only can your team work and communicate with each other more easily these days, there are also great opportunities to be found through remote meetings and video conferencing technology.

Businesses can search for clients and partners much further afield than in the past, opening up great opportunities for those who invest in this technology. Including video conferencing technology and capabilities into your office design allows you to easily and openly communicate with remote team members, business partners and clients the world over, offering a new world of possibilities for the modern business.

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