Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

DB Interiors thrives because of our great team of remarkable and creative professionals. Team work and communication are key factors to our continued success. The family-built and family-run company has been prosperous through three generations of passionate members since 1966 and has successively created a happy clientele through all these years. Our goal is to design and build great commercial spaces that are functional, modern, and that stimulate productivity.

We couldn’t do all this great work single-handedly!

Meet our People!

These are some of the team members behind the continued success of DB Interiors.

Lena – Customer Care

Lena is a fitness and health enthusiast whose great energy is amazing to have in the office. Lena has a crucial role in initial discussions regarding capital works with all DB Interiors projects. She is a great asset to our customer care team.

Jonas – Presentation of Proposal / Initial Site Survey

Jonas’ friendly and easy attitude makes your interactions with him stress-free and always relaxed. He is a great communicator and will make sure that you are well informed in all stages of your project. You will feel very comfortable contacting Jonas and rest assured that you will get clear answers to all your questions. We appreciate his expertise and knowledge in the soft- and hard-fit out industry which makes him a great team member at DB Interiors.

Hayley – Design Recommendations

Hayley is easy-going and has an extra keen eye for detail. We love her professionalism and the fact that she holds high standards for every design she’s working on. Hayley will guide you through your project from initial concept and spatial planning straight to the technical design stages. Guaranteed that she will use her creativity to propose you the best possible ideas and concepts. She is also very knowledgeable when it comes to compliance and council regulations.

Hayden – Estimation and Costings

Hayden is a “can-do” kind of guy who has an awesome work attitude and who always plows through his workload with efficiency and promptness. He is part of the team of estimators and he will be sure to work impeccably and competently on your project as he does on all of the jobs that are assigned to him.

Brendon – Presentation of Proposal

Brendon will be your key contact person with whom you will interact with for everything regarding your project once it’s underway. From concept to completion, Brendon will guide you through all the stages with absolute ease. He has a strong focus on customer care and is resolute about providing the smoothest possible process for all our clients.

Jared – Project Sign-off

Jared is a Senior Project Manager and has been with us for 15 years. He is well known for his calm and positive nature. He is much appreciated by both clients and colleagues at DB Interiors. Jared is extremely diligent and offers a high standard of workmanship. He always delivers what he says he will and you can rest assured that things will get done with Jared. He takes care everything stays within the proposed budget, so you are not dealing with any unexpected cost.

Tony – Site Management

Tony is a great team player who is genuinely valued at DB Interiors. He can undertake and deliver work that others can’t. His happy nature makes him a positive influence on everyone on the team. Tony will not only make sure everyone on site maintains high health and safety standards, but also ensure the quality of workmanship.

Mike – Furniture Installation

Mike is a great guy with a generous spirit. He gets our goods where they need to be every day. He stays on top of things and moves things efficiently, safely and on time.

Leonie – Accounting/Billing

Leonie is a real team player who loves to keep colleagues at the office focused and motivated. Her excellent dedication to accounts and internal procurements ensures that DB Interiors runs smoothly and proficiently at all times. Leonie oversees all our invoicing and is highly involved in making the process transparent and accurate, so you know exactly where you stand.

These are but a few of our brilliant people working to create health and vibrant workspaces. Other excellent and productive DB Interiors team members work tirelessly behind the scenes making sure that projects run smoothly.

Come in and meet us!