Lessons Learned

3 things we can all learn from Emirates Team NZ

Winners Are Grinners: three things we can all learn from the 2017 Americas Cup

In the end the fight for the oldest trophy in world sport, was a one-sided affair, not an uncommon occurrence in our own commercial undertakings. So what can we learn from the America’s Cup Champions?

  • Cohesion and Focus: Team New Zealand had less experience and a smaller exchequer but through unity they were able to blow holders Oracle Team USA out of the Bermuda water to claim a famous America’s Cup win.


  • Efficiency though innovation: Team New Zealand needed to rely on innovation in order to out-think rather than outspend their opposition and in doing so led the way in finding the competitive advantage over Oracle, USA. The Kiwis used technology including ‘PlayStation’ controls and wearables to monitor key information to give them the edge.


  • A hard beginning maketh a good ending”: Team NZ taught us all a lesson – come back from adversity stronger and wiser. When their boat totalled itself during the Louis Vutton Challenger Series they picked themselves up from near disaster and re-grouped. The repairs and new equipment made the boat faster.

What we particularly love about this success story was the fact that there was no loyalty bonus, or performance incentive – just pure camaraderie and loyalty.

“I go to work with people that I am very happy to sit with and have a beer with at the end of the day” – winning skipper Glen Ashby.