The Impact of Colours in Your Office

The Impact of Colours in Your Office

The impact of colours in your office

Colours are a big part of our daily influences. They have an impact on our emotions, our moods, and they can also set ambiences. We don’t always notice how colours directly affect us, but it is important to choose colours wisely when decorating our homes or our office spaces in order to set the desired atmosphere.

The main focus of building a successful business is having productive partners and employees. Certain colours have proven to boost mood, including productivity in the office environment.

There have been many studies and findings on the subject and it isn’t as cut-and-dry as it may seem. An article written about the findings of an extensive study on colour in the workplace has some very interesting results. It confirms the thoughts that we have about the impact of bright colours like red and orange and the calming effects of other colours have on our overall moods during the day.


Not all colours mean the same thing. You should think about what message you are wanting to convey and use colour to help deliver that message.

The Effect of Colours

Blue is known to have a general calming effect and is considered a good colour to add to a workplace to boost concentration and focus.

Red has the reputation to energize people and boost productivity and physical activity. It is a colour that is often used in advertisements because of the high attention-grabbing impact that it possesses.

Depending on the shade of green, it can sometimes relax and soothe employees in the office.

White is not recommended as the main colour in an office setting as it can resonate with a sterile and uninviting environment. It can be used as an accent to a colour scheme.

Oranges and Yellow
Yellow is the colour of joy and happiness. It is universally used in office settings where creativity is required from employees.

It’s important to think about what colours to use in your office space.

Simple Ways to Use Colour in Your Business

Depending on the nature of your business, it is always a good idea to take the psychology of colours into account when designing your office.

You can use furniture items to add pops of colour in your office. A bright red chair in the reception area can energize the visitors and give them a sense that your business is important and powerful.


Updating the colour of your furnishings and fabrics can be an easy way to update your space.

The choice of soft furnishings like curtains and cushions can have impacts on the general feeling in your office. Fabrics can have textures and patterns that can add warmth and cordiality to a room or area.

Brand Awareness
Choosing the colours to represent your brand is a very important decision that you will make at the start-up or when choosing to rebrand your business. People will associate your business with the logo and the colours that are used in the design.

Team Zoning
Dividing your office space into division or team zones and using different colours to do so can be a good idea. This can give the office a fun and distinctive look.

Playing with colours in your workplace can be fun and impact productivity positively. Let the team of designers at DB Interiors advise you and assist you to find the perfect colour scheme for your business. We know about colours!