Great Reception Area Ideas

Great Reception Area Ideas

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

This is an old saying that rings true in many aspects of human interactions. Your company reception area or lobby is the space that welcomes your visitors. It is the first place and very first impression that they get when they walk into your place of business. You want this space to be inviting and to have all the elements in place to make clients, business partners, and vendors feel comfortable.

Why not even impress them?

No matter how big or small your assigned area is, here are a few ideas that can help you achieve a reception area that reflects your company’s philosophies and the nature of your business.

A modern reception desk is an easy way to update your area.

Reception Desk

Standard reception desks are mostly out of date. You can get creative in this area all the while keeping it functional. Try to offer the most modern and accessible area as your budget can provide. Materials like glass, chrome, tile, or acrylic are all innovative ideas to provide a modern feel to your reception desk. This area should obviously be clutter free and not give the impression of disorganization. If possible, provide a concealed space for packages and receivables. The desk should be seen upon arrival into the area and the visitors should not be confused as to where to go after entering.

Make it visible, attractive, and welcoming.

Clear branding of your logo or company is essential.

Branding/Company Logo

There are new and modern ways of displaying your company logo in your reception area. This space should reveal your business type and your brand should be clearly represented here.

You may choose to use large TV screens to run your logo or even your advertisements. That would give you and your company a modern and proactive look in your market space.

Our designers will illustrate your logo in a creative way in your reception/waiting environment.

Think about using the colours of your logo in your reception area colour scheme. This is a great way to demonstrate professionalism and influence.


The reception area is a great place to display art and decorations. Depending on the nature of your company, choose art that is appropriate and that blends well into the décor. You don’t want an overpowering piece that distracts the visitor’s attention away from your business. Why not commission local artists or photographers to provide paintings, sculptures, or photographs that are custom-made for your reception area and that reflect your business structure and philosophies.

Art is a very powerful way to drive messages and to cultivate emotions in individuals.

You can also place photo-books, magazines, or other reading materials that are related to your industry in this area. This can provide some visuals and entertainment while guests are waiting.


This is a very important part of your reception. You want visitors to be comfortable while waiting or working. Provide suitable seats and tables to deposit items. Choosing quality and durability are key components when purchasing furniture for your reception because of the traffic that this space receives on a daily basis.

New and modern ideas like benches and banquet seating can be good additions permitting your space allows it.

Try to provide some cluster seating options and other more private seating choices as well.

Determine the number of chairs needed for your particular business, but make sure not to encumber your space and don’t interrupt the flow of traffic in your reception with too many chairs.

Good lighting is essential in a welcoming reception or lobby area.


Lighting that is bright is most effective in receptions and lobbies. You want a positive and energised area, not a dark or dull space. Also, people may sit and want to read while waiting.


Plants are an important element to consider for adding positive energy and a natural feeling to a reception area. Plants can actually clean the air and make your reception area healthier and more productive.

You can also use plants as natural room dividers if you need.

Keep the access to the main reception area open and free of distractions.

Functional and Practical Spaces

Keep in mind that this is a high traffic area and flow is essential. Keep the access to the main reception area open and free of distractions.

If your reception is straight from the street, think about adding doormats and other weather guard items like umbrella containers at the door. If this is your case, also remember to place seating areas as far from the door as possible. Other ideas include adding a computer with Wi-Fi access for your visitors to use? Offer coffee, water, snacks? Little details can make a big difference in establishing a positive first impression and setting you apart from your competitors. If space and budget allows, adding a bathroom near the reception area is a good idea. This can prevent awkward trips from strangers down the office.

Whatever space you have available for your reception, remember not to clutter the area with too much furniture and keep things tidy at all times. This area should reflect your company and make people feel comfortable. Hiring a professional to redesign your reception area can have a positive impact on your business for many years.

Whatever your budget or scope of project, at DB Interiors we can strategically design your reception area to make it as productive and functional as possible. Our professional team of designers will listen to your needs and expectations and present you with the best solutions for you, your business, and your employees.