Engineering an office design

Engineering an office design

Engineering an office design

The best office interiors designs take more into account than just looks. Clients want a commercial space with ‘wow’ factor, but office designs need to have a purpose beyond aesthetics, they need to contribute to the company’s bottom line through better efficiency and more productive workspaces.

This is the difference between designing a commercial interiors and engineering one, and causes of complaint in new offices often surround the engineering aspects of the build, such as temperature, air quality, light issues, noise, crowding of workspaces and poor ergonomics, rather than design features like colour schemes and artwork.

Here is what you should consider to ensure your new office design looks great, but also works great in an engineering sense:

Employee Health & Safety

Health & Safety has been an increasing concern for NZ businesses and a well engineered office interior will help your team comply with the current legislation in both Health & Safety and Disability Discrimination issues.

These concerns should be at the forefront of all decision-making over how your office or commercial interior should look and flow. Consider the best furniture, storage, lighting and technology, and also where you put the emergency exits, access to facilities and staircases.

Real Estate Costs

Commercial Space sure doesn’t come free, and you need to make the most of your investment in real estate. Consider how you can minimise air conditioning and lighting costs with the layout of your plan, as well as maximising efficiency for foot traffic, heating and technology features, these could all save you money over long periods.

Employee Comfort

Better workspaces leads to happier, more productive team members and better results for your business. Think about how you could provide better workstations, collaboration and break out areas, and also relaxation spaces like lunch rooms or even an on-site gym. Offering employees both more and better in your interior design will help them be more efficient but will also encourage your better to staff to stay with you longer.

If you would like to discuss best practice engineering principles for your new commercial fitout then get in touch with us today! We are only to happy to help.