The Cordless Office (or as close as you’ll get)

The Cordless Office (or as close as you’ll get)

The Raceway System

Introducing DB Interiors’ continuous wall desk system, Raceway, a wall-fixed workstation solution that brings many advantages to your business, office and team.

Fully customisable to your office and space requirements, the Raceway system features aluminium construction with a malteca finish and a pinboard for keeping your notes and documents where you can see them.

Perfect for team collaboration in the workplace, there are minimal legs on the front of the Raceway system that could impede team members sharing and working together as effectively as possible.

Technology is also a major consideration, all power and network cabling is housed neatly in aluminium ducts. Furthermore, the electric and data cables are contained within separate, ‘split’ trunks, stopping feedback and providing better performance, as well as preventing them from being kicked or tripped over.

Workers plug in at desk level, they can bring their own device, or connect multiple devices easily and safely.
Great for a wide variety of applications, enquire about the continuous workspace solution for commercial office interiors, The Raceway System.

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