Many Auckland Commercial Premises Improved by DB Interiors

Many Auckland Commercial Premises Improved by DB Interiors

Auckland Commerical Premises Improved

DB Interiors have a special focus on Office Design & Commercial Interiors in the Auckland region, with over 50 projects worked on in the last quarter in New Zealand’s largest metropolitan centre.

Auckland is a richly diverse place and the city’s businesses reflect this diversity in both what they do, and the tools they need to do it.

DB Interiors can help inform you of what your options are and what office solutions will be most important for you to consider.

A recent DB Interiors project saw our team working at the Harcourts Warkworth & Snells Beach Offices on an interior re-design. Our space planning audit was incorporated into the design and we helped create quite a lot of extra, usable space than was available to the team in the past. The client or waiting area was also enhanced to make it a more pleasant environment to spend time in, as well as aligning closely with the look and feel of the brand as part of the design.

The Newton College of Business & Technology in Mt Eden have undertaken a full refurbishment of their 3-level building with DB Interiors. A key part of this project including fitting out all of their classrooms with high end camera and video technology to better enable remote learning, which is an important feature for education providers these days. This whole project was managed by DB Interiors from compliance through to completion, with all construction, as well as the fitting out and furnishings, completed by our team.

Another recent Auckland interior design project saw us helping TT Services New Zealand, who provide visa assistance services to travellers from all over the world, to establish and new, modern and functional layout and design for their premises.

DB Interiors interpretted biometric data to ensure that the new design would effectively manage the high flow of people that TT Services deal with, and we included in the design and fitted out a specialist passport photo booth too.

These examples show that DB Interiors offer a versatile & highly educated service to businesses in Auckland and NZ-wide. We have a huge range of creative office solutions available, and can help maximise your office space and features so that your business makes the most out of its commercial interior.