Clever systems.

Custom made by us


DB Interiors Ltd for many years now, have designed and built systems using aluminium componentry. Aluminium has been selected in many of our products not only for its appearance, but its sustainability, strength and its ability to be recycled. The team at DB Interiors Ltd has a wealth of knowledge due to years of experience working alongside engineers, designers and technicians in the aluminium extrusion industry.

As the years have progressed, design modification and improvements has been made to some existing dies to increase the efficiency of the completed product. Considerable time is given to detail covering negative details, rebates and protrusions which blend in the overall appearance and workability of our products. Consideration of numerous variables goes into this design process including the shipping/stacking, storage and the ease of handling during the manufacturing and installation process. Company knowledge and experience gives understanding to tolerances, clearances of extrusion including wall thicknesses, flexibility and stability.

An example is:

– You will discover that we don’t merely put power distribution into our panel system, we engineer it in. The requirements of today’s office call for sophisticated power capabilities – versatility and convenience is inherent in all our System 70 panels with spacious segregated cable raceways and outlets for all power, data and telecommunications points.

A distinctive first impression may be created at an economical price using these components with the blending of fabrics, veneers and laminates to enhance the designs. DB Interiors Ltd has invested considerable time and capital in producing the numerous ranges of dies that are unique to our company.